SMiB Corporation launches SMiB-RAPID-BUILD


1 January 2020

B. Mcnaughton

SMiB announces the SMiB-RAPID-BUILD solution for affordable buildings

New Zealand: SMiB Corporation Limited today announced the launch of its in-house packaged SMiB-RAPIDBUILD Solution for the supply of volume affordable housing. The SMiB-RAPID-BUILD solution will significantly assist in providing global affordable building solutions.

Features and benefits of the SMiB RAPID-BUILD solution include.

  • The development makes use of SMiB’s prefabricated factory build designs using Light Gauge Steel (LGS) for the volume manufacture of affordable buildings.
  • The designs maximize the benefits of LGS prefabrication being strength, quality, price, volume manufacture of designs and easy freight & assembly.[2] 
  • Makes use of SMiB’s access to significant global manufacturing capacity capable of prefabricating the SMiB-RAPID-BUILD designs.
  • Makes use of the extensive experience of the SMiB Solutions team including Chairman Chris Williams SMiB-RAPID-BUILD concepts, Project Director Tim Manning vast development experience of his Norwich Properties Ltd and the Management expertise of the SMiB CEO, Suzanne Ross.
  • The SMiB-RAPID-BUILD solution is fully integrated into the Administration and Management Back-Office provided by the experienced team at Biz Manager Online including SMiB CFO Brian McNaughton.

The SMiB-RAPID-BUILD solution packages bring together the following elements:

DESIGN: SMiB Chairman, Chris Williams built upon the decades of early work in disaster relief housing to isolate the key components needed to develop designs that could be manufactured in volume using the advantages of LGS due to its strength, resilience and pricing. These design elements are the core competence in the SMiB-RAPID-BUILD solution.

MANUFACTURE: The philosophy behind the provision of volume affordable housing incorporates the design and volume manufacturing to create an affordable price point that is “Game-Changing”. This required SMiB to develop associations with several global manufacturers capable of rapidly producing volume affordable housing. In fact, the key SMiB manufacturers are capable of building as many as 300 X 3-bedroom homes in a month and packing ready for shipment. SMiB now operates with several such manufacturers with facilities exceeding 250,000 sqm and several thousand employees. This approach works as the volume production allows for significant price savings over 1 unit build designs.

LOGISTICS: The logistics required to move prefabricated or “knocked-down” affordable housing globally required SMiB to develop packing and shipping capable of delivery of many 100’s of 40’ High Cube containers to and from many different locations. SMiB has teamed up with Savino Del Bene S.p.a. a global logistics operation of 4,300 employees that move over 600,000 (Teus) containers pa. It is common to talk about 300 to 1,000 containers to be moved to complete a project.

ASSEMBLY: The SMiB-RAPID-BUILD solution uses factory fabrication and sourcing of the entire build. SMiB is not constrained by local supply issues, sourcing problems or variable pricing. The critical element is the assembly of the “knocked-down” or prefabricated building. The entire building arrives from the factory to the site in containers. The only local supply is the concrete or screw pier foundations for the building footprint. Each SMiB-RAPID-BUILD solution includes the engineers and experienced project teams that accompany the containers to site.

SMiB’s experienced teams make use of local labour via site management, training and as part of a “hands-on” crew to assemble the components as they are removed from the containers. Using these experienced experts ensures minimal time or quality issues arise in the final assembly of each affordable building. The full cost of this expert assembly is included in the fixed pricing for the affordable buildings.

The SMiB-RAPID-BUILD solution delivers the combined skills and facilities of more than 250,000 sqm of prefabrication manufacturing and with decades of design, management, assembly and development experience in a method that maintains a focus on an affordable SMiB-RAPID-BUILD solution.

About SMiB Corporation Limited is a provider of volume Affordable buildings and is the vision of the SMiB-RAPID-BUILD solution that provides “game-changing” affordable buildings quickly. The solution is uniquely established for volume rather than 1 off supply to maximize the “game-changing” price developed for the SMiB-RAPID-BUILD solution.

About Norwich Properties Limited  is owned and operated by Tim Manning. With a career spanning more than 30 years in all aspects of property development, Tim is acknowledged as one of New Zealand’s most successful developers. The company operates with a core staff of seasoned professionals, along with a select group of consultants. Norwich Properties Limited is proud of its ability to bring the right team together tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual development. The Norwich group has completed several landmark gated community projects throughout New Zealand, within Auckland, Rotorua, Wellington and Queenstown.

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About Savino Del Bene: With a network of more than 289 offices and over 4.300 employees across the five continents, the company manages air, sea, and land transport services through established relationships with the best carriers. When requested, it offers tailor-made logistics solutions for the shipment and distribution of any type of merchandise.