SMiB stands for Stacked Modular & Independent Buildings, providing Affordable Building Solutions to mass global demand.

“Everyone in the World should be able to afford a home.”

~ Chris Williams
 SMiB Group

  • University Accommodation
  • Hospitals
  • Office Buildings
  • Disaster Relief Housing
  • Housing Estates
  • Ongoing Site Rental
  • Property Management
  • Management Software Solutions

Modular Apartment Living

A rapid deployment high density solution offering apartment living. Modular Apartment Living is the latest high quality prefabricated living.

Modular Homes

Affordable, high quality home living for medium to low density areas. Built to withstand harsh environments due to its steel frame construction and high quality finishes.

Employment & Training

To deliver employment opportunities to the community with increased skill base, SMiB endeavours over time to transfer skills by establishing local manufacturing of buildings and using only local staff for infrastructure.

Affordable Student Housing

SMiB Builds, Owns & Operates affordable, quality student housing containing 1, 2, 4 & 6 Beds with a variety of additional features such as study areas, laundries, kitchens, en-suites, communal bathrooms and eating areas.

Disaster Relief

SMiB supports and supplies international disaster aid organisations and is fast becoming a mainstay of an affordable home solution. In disaster relief situations, SMiB delivers quality at an affordable price, providing occupants with the look and feel of a welcoming home.

About SMiB

Our Culture

Our priority at SMiB is to always keep the price of homes as low as possible so all can afford them.  To achieve this we develop scalability to achieve this mission.  Additionally, SMiB’s culture is built on the “lean” structures put in place to achieve our mission. These “lean” structures are built around a philosophy of “Growth by Affiliation”. Mitigating the common merger risk, costs and maximizing efficiencies whilst building expert capabilities along with scale and is fundamental to the culture and core of our business.

SMiB Project Design

SMiB evaluates every project or opportunity presented based on its design & the required product and our ability to achievable scalability by mass producton.  Another critical element to our design is the “Master Plan”.  We include a “Town Planner” where Town Planning is the planning and design of all the new buildings, roads, services, and parks to make them attractive and convenient for the people who live there. Besides Modular Homes and Apartments, SMiB also designs Special Projects such as the Hospital Rooms that integrate into a six (6) Ward Hospital.

Technical Specs & Inclusions

To meet the best price and quality SMiB aims to achieve a 90% in-factory built standard to deliver an install-ready product. SMiB meets destination building codes and standards allowing SMiB to scale production whilst utilizing local expertise for site preparation, site works and installation, under the guidance and management of SMiB. Designs include built-in electrical, plumbing, air-conditioning and inputs for water, electricity and sewage outputs. SMiB maximizes renewable and fire proof products / finishes and integrates solar energy if required.

Social Responsibility & Technology Transfer

SMiB assists developing countries to implement affordable housing programs and in conjunction with Governments incorporates a transfer of skills allowing for the development of fully supported local manufacturing capacity. The benefits appeal to Governments when awarding contracts for affordable homes.. The utilisation of additional capacity can extend to exporting in support of SMiB projects elsewhere, and all additional capacity is incorporated into the matrix of supply availability that is logistically controlled via the SMiB “Office hub”.

Our Services

Preconstruction Planning

Pre-construction services with SMiB are used in planning a construction project before the actual construction begins. These services reduce the risk and unplanned cost of a project.

Architectural Modelling

A rich and rigorous program to illustrate a specific set of tradeoffs inherent in the structure and design of an ecosystem. We use architectural models to communicate with others and seek peer feedback.

Construction Management

Construction management is easy with SMiB, a professional service that uses specialized, project management techniques to oversee the planning, design, and construction of a project, from its beginning to its end.

Property Management

SMiB owns and operates student housing using local support staff combined with state-of-the-art cloud based systems to reserve, invoice, handle enquiries 24/7 & manage properties efficiently.

Meet The SMiB Board


The MADI Home

Project & Deeds Ltd


SMiB also owns the rights to the MADi Home LGS, a globally copyrighted & patented “folding” home designed to provide the perfect affordable housing solution. Global demand for our MADi has been overwhelming, with manufacturing being established in the USA, Canada and New Zealand.

SMiB not only presents itself capable of delivering mass “affordable housing” but also as a “Disaster Relief” home program.  SMiB. delivers quality at an affordable price, with the feel and look of a home not a house providing its occupants with a positive outlook on life, especially in Disaster Relief situations.  As a highly desirable “affordable” home solution SMiB will support and supply international Disaster Aid organisations, and is fast becoming a mainstay as an affordable housing solution.  We believe strongly in investing in people.


Head Office
19-21 Como Street,
Takapuna, Auckland
0622, New Zealand


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